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Key Benefits of Playing Golf

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Golf is enjoyed by many people around the world and has been dubbed ‘the sport of business.’ This pastime, whose modern format dates back to the 15th century in Scotland, has grown in popularity in recent years. There are currently some 32,000 golf courses around the world, and it is not difficult to see why.

First, there are the innumerable health advantages in golf practice. It allows people of any age and physical condition to walk the field for a few hours, raising their heart rate and releasing important endorphins in the body.

Someone who regularly plays an 18-hole round of golf benefits from a major cardiovascular workout. The game consists of walking around 5 kilometers between holes and can burn more than 1000 calories – even more so if the player carries his own sticks throughout the course.

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Rotation of the body induced by repeated swinging of the stick can increase flexibility and exercise muscles that are rarely used in daily office life as well as help improve hand-eye coordination.


Golf also has a favorable effect on the mind. Spending time in a pleasant and relaxing environment while engaging in physical activity is a great way to reduce the stress brought on by long hours of work and a hyperactive lifestyle.

Practicing this sport frequently also significantly improves concentration due to the need to be able to forget everything that is happening around you in order to focus exclusively on the next shot. Sometimes, the player must think of new ways to keep his ball out of difficult spots, thus promoting creativity and imagination.

It has even been suggested that stimulation of blood circulation in the brain generated by score tracking and handicap calculation, coupled with improved connections between nerve cells, could contribute to delay the onset of dementia.

The social benefits of golfing should also not be ignored. Although considered by some to be a solitary hobby, it is actually a great way to interact with others, be they old friends, co-workers or new friends who come together thanks to their passion for sport.

The very nature of the game makes it an excellent channel for networking and improving business relationships. Unlike other sports, a great deal of time is available as one moves around the pits to get to know the people who are playing, discuss and make decisions in a much more relaxing and enjoyable environment than an office or room Of meetings. Nor is it necessary to be a competent golf player to participate, as the handicaps allow everyone to participate and still have a competitive match.



Golf is a sport that favors physical and mental health and can be played between people of all ages and skill levels. A pleasant way to spend four hours in a nice and deserting setting alone or with others. It is no wonder that the golfing trend is invading the world.

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