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Burn Calories to Lose Weight in the Kitchen by 6 Ways

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You don’t have to spend time at the gym to burn calories. Keep the gym membership money in your pocket and lose weight while you work in the house, clean up the yard, do your daily chores, or cook your family’s meals. You may associate the kitchen with calorie consumption rather than calorie burning but there are clever ways to burn calories to lose weight while cooking and cleaning. If you are finding it difficult to drop the pounds, take a look at how you can maximize your calorie burning activity in the kitchen, plus how other household chores can help you to burn fat as well as calories.

Make the Kitchen Your Gym to Burn Calories to Lose Weight

burn calories workoutIf you look at the amount of calories burned by housework you’ll be pleasantly surprised. It’s not often you achieve calorie burning without hassle, but this is what you’ll find when you start considering how to maximize your weight loss at home. The kitchen is a great place to start. Here are five easy ways to burn calories while cooking and preparing meals:

  • Wipe Surfaces Wiping down the kitchen counter may seem boring and uninspiring but you can burn up to 20 calories an hour when you wipe with gusto. Make your kitchen the cleanest and most hygienic it’s ever been by wiping the counters vigorously before you start to prepare your meal. Scrub the counters thoroughly and move your arms as you clean. You could try listening to some fast, upbeat music while you clean for inspiration to work faster and harder.
  • Use the Pots and Pans Here’s something you may not have thought about when you’re cooking your family’s meals. Before you put water or carrots into a pan, use it to do a set of arm raises. Put a pot in each hand and raise them above your head, completing a series of repetitions.
  • Leave the Gadgets in the Cupboard Labor-saving gadgets are great but they’re labor-saving for a reason – you use fewer calories when you operate a blender or food processor than when you do it by hand. Skip the gadgets and mash potatoes by hand, mix cookie dough yourself, beat eggs without a mixer, kneed bread dough, chop all your own vegetables, and mix your own cake batter. Using your arms to do the work helps you burn many more calories than you would by simply switching on the blender. Conveniently chopped and packaged vegetables and salads are great time-savers but to burn calories you need to create your meals from scratch. You’ll get an added bonus too – your meals will be healthier.
  • Get Active While Cooking You’ll have a few moments of downtime when you cook, for example when you wait for the water to boil or the steak to sizzle. Take advantage of this time to do a few star jumps, knee bends, or modified push-ups using the edge of the kitchen counter. If you’re worried about anyone catching you in the act, shut the door. These small moments all add up and can be valuable when you are serious about burning calories in the kitchen.
  • Dance, Dance, Dance Keep that kitchen door closed because you’re going to get moving and you don’t want to be self-conscious. Turn up the music and dance around the kitchen while you prepare the food, switch on the oven, take items from the cupboards, and clean up. Dancing burns calories fast and this is an ideal chance to let off steam and drop weight while making the dinner. It’s fun, too.burn calories at work
  • Queen of the Clean-Up This time, don’t nag you partner to clean up after the meal. Scrubbing dishes, putting plates away and cleaning counters all burn calories fast. While you’re at it, give the floors a good clean too. All these valuable calories add up and combine to fast-track your weight loss. Don’t miss an opportunity to increase your fitness and your calorie burning.

Remember that exercise is not only effective at the gym. Any activity that burn calories to lose weight is exercise – and when you increase the intensity of your everyday activities you can burn enough calories to achieve weight loss. You can also maximize the effectiveness of your daily activities by wearing a fitness training device to increase resistance as you walk, run, and stretch.

Adding resistance and increasing intensity help you burn more calories in a shorter space of time, meaning you lose weight and keep the weight off more easily. Maximize the effect of your workout with an intensive training device, and maximize your hours in the kitchen by putting your whole body into your cooking and cleaning.


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