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Weight Bench Brands: Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Brands

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There is no doubt that exercise benches are one of the simplest yet most effective workout tools that a fitness studio or home gym can have. However, it is important to purchase the right weight bench brands product for your home or health club because improper equipment can always cause you a lot more trouble than you would expect.

The rule of thumb in choosing the right exercise bench is none other than going for a reputed brand. There are hundreds of manufacturers who focus on building new exercise binges, but their quality and functionality can vary drastically from brand to brand.top weight benches

There are many brands for you to consider but some top rated weight bench brands that are listed below which are the most reputed ones:

Body-Solid – The Company specializes in manufacturing training equipment for more than two decades and the extensive experience that is longer than 20 years, they have gained a lot of knowledge in the field.

One of the major attractions of this good weight bench brand is none other than their trendy designs which will make your exercise bench not only just a tool for exercise but something that is great to look at! There is no doubt that looks are one of the major determination factors in choosing the right exercise bench and functionality being the second.

The Company is well known for their excellent performance and high build quality and your investment is going to last for a very long time.

BodyCraft – This brand if widely reputed for its excellent quality. The company has won several awards for their exercise equipment and is considered as the pioneers in this industry.

One great feature about the brand is none other than the lifetime warranty they offer on most of their products. There is no way for you to replace their products due to a damaged but it is most likely that you will get bored with your bunch after a very long time.

Bowflex – The Bowflex Weight Bench Company was found almost 2 decades back and is owned by the Nautilus group. The group owns some of the finest exercise brands in the world and for the same reason; you can expect the same quality from Bowflex as well.

Most of their workout products are designed pretty well and come with a very long one on the ticket. The parent company’s expertise in building a high-quality home or commercial gym equipment can be clearly seen on these products also.

CAP Barbell CAP Barbell is recognized all over the world because of the wide range of exercise that the company offers. If you are looking for a specific product, there is no doubt that this brand is going to cater to your needs because they have a large number of branches and can cater to individual needs.

Most of their exercise vendors are extremely affordable and for the same reason they enjoyed an international customer demand. The modern-day policy is different from product to product and some modern-day policies are very attractive while a couple of others are not.

To make sure that you’re getting the right warranty policy you need to contact your local dealer.

Phoenix – Phoenix is a global brand with their production facilities set up at different parts of the world. For the same reason, you can find that most of their products are contradictorily priced and comes with a large array of features.

The international production facility also results in a global design approach and for those who have paid for a specific defense style, there is no doubt that Phoenix Weight Bench can get them what they need.

Maximus – Maximus is a very popular brand in gym equipment manufacturing. The company supplies products to schools, hotels and homes which made it quite popular all over the world.

outdoor weight benchThe companies have an experience of more than two decades and are considered as a synonym for high quality. Since the household of thousands of equipment all over the world, finding good product information or spare parts for their weight benches is going to be one of the easiest tasks around.

These are some of the most popular weight bench brands that you should consider when you are planning to purchase an exercise benches.

With the fitness equipment from one of the reputed brands from this list, there is no doubt that you can enjoy a trouble-free workout schedule without spending your hard end money on something that does not function properly.


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